Signia Hearing Aids

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Signia Hearing Aids: Company Overview

Signia belongs to the Sivantos Group family, the parent company of other well-known hearing aid manufacturers such as Siemens, Rexton, and A&M. With the launching of Signia, co-branded with the successful innovator Siemens, Sivantos hopes to “create a brand that is more human and personal, while building on the Siemens values of technological innovation and quality.”

Signia represents the life-changing innovations and customer-centered values instilled within all Sivantos Group products. The Signia Primax is their debut model, the most advanced hearing aid to date from Sivantos Group.

Primax – Binax Platform and New Technology

Building upon the groundbreaking technology of the Siemens binax (the first hearing aid to outperform normal hearing in challenging noise situations), the Signia Primax is powered by a brand new platform that has clinically proven to reduce listening effort for the wearer.

Like the Siemens binax, the Primax provides wearers with better than normal hearing in challenging listening environments and has been clinically-proven reduced listening effort throughout the day. In 2015, a study from University of Northern Colorado performed speech testing with participants wearing the Primax and found significant reduction in listening effort. The study attributed these successes to two main Primax features: SpeechMaster and EchoShield.

SpeechMaster – Improved Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is the greatest challenge for those who experience hearing loss. Many people say that while they can hear speakers, they are unable to understand. This becomes especially challenging when people attempt to have conversations in busy restaurants or public transportation hubs.

To address the difficulties of speech recognition, Primax offers the SpeechMaster feature, comprised of three technologies: noise reduction, directionality, and steering amplification to focus on the dominant sounds that wearers want to hear. SpeechMaster helps Primax wearers focus on the speakers’ voices and also eliminates background noise for maximum natural listening.

With SpeechMaster, Primax wearers are able to recognize speech with ease, while also anticipating speech patterns and conducting conversations with multiple speakers in noisy situations with clarity. For an even more comfortable listening experience, Primax offers SoundSmoothing, a feature to balance sharp, loud sounds and enhance softer sounds for a more natural listening experience.


If you’ve experienced hearing loss for some time, the experience of amplified sounds with new hearing aids may be disorienting. These sounds may become especially difficult when entering acoustically challenging environments, such as building lobbies, atriums, auditoriums, or houses of worship.

To address this uncomfortable amplification, Primax offers EchoShield, a feature that balances sounds in acoustically challenging environments. EchoShield protects the sounds wearers want to hear, such as speakers’ voices, and ensures that they do not reverberate within the cavernous environments. By balancing and preserving the quality of sound, EchoShield contributes to listening ease and eliminates the experience of degraded sound in challenging acoustic spaces.

HD Music for Music Lovers

Many hearing aids are focused on offering the best possible speech recognition features, and as such, many processing platforms do not focus much on the aspects of music listening. Primax offers music lovers the HD Music feature, which specifically targets the experience of music listening.

With three new settings, Primax gives wearers a rich musical experience in diverse listening situations. “Recorded Music” is for listening at home or in the car; “Live Music” for concerts both indoor and out; and “Musician” for those who work in the music industry, or play music, whether in amateur or professional capacities.


As a wireless hearing aid, Primax is compatible with your smartphone and other personal electronic devices (tablets, etc.) through the touchControl app and easyTek app. Primax also comes with a new feature: TwinPhone, which allows wearers to connect to smartphones through a magnetic connection. This allows Primax wearers to stream phone calls directly to their ears.  

Styles & Other Features

Primax hearing aids are available in receiver-in-canal, behind-the-ear, or in-the-ear wearing styles. Designed to treat varying degrees of hearing loss, Primax is available in 7px, 5px, and 3px performance levels. The Primax is available in the following styles: Ace Primax, Pure Primax RIC, Motion Primax standard BTE, and Insio Primax ITE. Certain Primax hearing aids are rechargeable and offer tinnitus therapies as well. Primax is available in CROS and BiCROS styles, for people who experience single-sided deafness.