Services Provided 

Sound Hearing Group is your local provider for all of your hearing needs. With over 24 years of experience, we have seen and heard just about everything. 

Because we are a local provider, we are able to able to offer hearing aids at inexpensive prices compared to many competitors in the area. We offer hearing aids that start below $1,000.  Call us today at 623-455-8139. 

Types of hearing aids provided 

There are two different general types of digital hearing aids, and we offer both styles: over the ear style and in the ear custom style of hearing aids. For the over the ear style, we offer different sizes depending on what you prefer and what works best for your hearing loss. The custom in the ear hearing aids come in three different shapes: the completely in the canal, in the canal, and the full shell. At your appointment we can discuss the options that work best for your needs.   

Hearing Aid Brands 

We are  proud to offer many leading hearing aid brands including Siemens, Rexton, Starkey, Miracle Ear, Unitron, Phonak, and Oticon.  We also offer types of hearing aids that have bluetooth capabilities and rechargeable battery options.

Other services provided 

Along with a free hearing evaluation, we are happy to provide free cleanings of existing hearing aids and a complete analysis of your current hearing aids. We also provide a repair service on all makes of hearing aids no matter the brand or the style.  With any purchase of new hearing aids from our company, you will receive free lifetime service and unlimited recalibration on your new hearing aids.  


Thank you so much for helping me to hear better as it’s amazing! I will be telling my friends about your great service.
— Al
Thank you so much for your services! Your attention to detail is impeccable and you have truly changed my life!