Frequently Asked Questions 

How common is hearing loss? 

Hearing impairment affects many people at different stages of their lives.  55% of people over 60 years of age have some degree of hearing loss, rising to over 70% of people by the time they reach 70, and 93% of people 81 years and older.  If your hearing is deteriorating, it isn't unusual at all.  Hearing loss can impact your quality of life, and it's never too late to do something about it.  If you have any concerns about your hearing, book an appointment for a free hearing test today and we'll be happy to help.

what causes hearing loss? 

Most hearing loss is caused by the aging process.  However, regular exposure to loud noises, heredity, and some illnesses can also cause hearing loss.  Around 90% of all cases of hearing loss are because the microscopic hair cells in the cochlea (or inner ear) become damaged, which limits their ability to detect soft, higher frequency sounds and means that they can't send a complete signal to the brain.  As a result, it becomes difficult to understand the consonants that allow us to understand speech. 


There may be many reasons for difficulty in discriminating speech from background noise and this is usually an indication of sensorineural hearing loss.  A hearing assessment will reveal the cause of this problem and properly prescribed and fitted hearing aids will normally provide a significant improvement.


It's generally accepted that our hearing worsens with age.  Not only have older people's auditory system been exposed to noise for many years but also, as we age, all our facilities deteriorate, including our hearing.  A free hearing test will quickly establish if you do have a hearing loss, and our hearing aid specialist will then be able to recommend suitable aids to improve your hearing.  Regular hearing tests and aftercare will ensure that any deterioration in your hearing is picked up quickly so that your hearing aids always provide you with the best possible  hearing improvement.

i think i have a hearing problem.  what should i do? 

If you think you have hearing loss, the first thing you need to do is have a free hearing test, which we are happy to provide.  It may be that a build-up of wax or an infection has temporarily affected your hearing, in which case our hearing aid specialist can advise you on the best course of action.  We are trained to identify cases where a medical opinion or treatment is required, so they would refer you, if necessary, for treatment by your General Practitioner or an Ear, Nose and Throat office.  If your hearing loss isn't due to these problems, then our hearing aid specialist will be able to recommend hearing aids suitable for the level of your hearing and your lifestyle.


Hearing aids range in price based on style and brand, but at Sound Hearing Group we are able to offer hearing aids at very competitive prices because we are a locally owned provider. At Sound Hearing Group we have hearing aids starting at under $1,000. You can learn about the different hearing aids styles we offer or our manufacturing partners, Siemens/Signia and Starkey

What can I expect at my first appointment? 

The initial consultation and test is quick and easy and your results are available immediately.  This consolation is intended to be an informative, helpful, and stress-free meeting with your hearing aid specialist. He will ask you about the history of your hearing loss, explore when and where you have the most difficulty with your hearing, and the type of situations that your hearing aids will need to cope with. The hearing aid specialist will examine your ears and carry out full audiometric tests.  Based on the information you provide and the test results, he will be able to recommend whether hearing aids will help you, and the most appropriate ones to improve your hearing.  

I already have hearing aids, can you still help me?

Absolutely! Sound Hearing Group will provide a free cleaning of existing hearing aids, and a complete analysis of your existing hearing aids.  We also provide a repair service on all makes of hearing aids no matter the brand or the style. With any purchase of new hearing aids from our company, you will receive free lifetime service and unlimited recalibration on your new hearing aids.