What to Do if You Lose a Hearing Aid

Those of us who wear hearing aids know that it would be pretty difficult to lose a hearing aid without noticing it almost immediately. If you experience hearing loss and treat it with hearing aids, then you’ll know the power of these tiny devices. Hearing aids keep us connected to the world around us, from the slightest rustle of a leaf or a blaring car horn.

So, if things have all of sudden begun to sound a bit dull and you have to ask people to repeat themselves, you may reach for your hearing aids to adjust the volume – only to find that they aren’t there.

As with all big ticket electronic purchases, you may at first panic. Hearing aids are sophisticated little devices, customized specially to fit your ears and your hearing needs. But if you take a moment to take a breath and collect yourself, chances are you’ll be able to trace your way back to your hearing aids


Where Did You Last Have Your Hearing Aids In?

Normally, people do not take their hearing aids out and put them back in over the course of a day – unless there is a reason to. If your hearing aids ran out of batteries, you may have taken them out to put in a fresh pair of batteries. If you were at the gym and exercising, you may have taken them out and placed them in your locker. If you were at a restaurant and it began to rain heavily, you may have taken them out and put them in a safe dry place before going outside.

In all of these instances, there is a major reason to take out your aids. Hearing aids should not be exposed to moisture of any kind, as moisture could seriously damage the electrical components of your aids. Chances are, you’ve taken out your aids pre-emptively to protect them, and you’ve placed them in a safe and dry carry case.

Check your bags or your vehicle. Call the gym or the restaurant or wherever it was you were last. There are many good Samaritans out there who will hang on to them for you until you return to pick them up.


Ask Your Loved Ones for Help

Being disconnected from sound that you’re used to can be disconcerting. As you begin your search for your hearing aids and retrace your steps, ask a loved one to help you. They may have an easier time making phone calls on your behalf. If you have to drive around from place to place, it may be safer to have someone with full hearing capabilities take the wheel.

If you’re just at home, having an extra pair of eyes to help you search for your aids can’t hurt.


Call Us at Sound Hearing Group

If you are unable to locate your hearing aids, give us a call at Sound Hearing Group. Depending on the manufacturer, your hearing aids may be eligible for a free replacement within the first year. Additionally, if you’ve got insurance on your aids, contact your insurance company to file a claim.

As a side note – if you haven’t yet – it might be a good idea to add your hearing aids to your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance. This will protect your belongings that may get lost. Another note, if you are storing your hearing aids at home, it is important to keep them in a place that is safe and not accessible to children or pets. These little devices may look like fun toys or morsels to kids and animals – and you don’t want them to get their hands or mouths on your aids!


Preventing the Loss of Hearing Aids

There are steps you can take to prevent the loss of your hearing aids. If you find yourself removing and re-inserting your aids regularly throughout the day, make sure to carry a safe case to place them in. Put your contact information somewhere on this case, so that if it is misplaced, someone can contact you.

If you’re running or hiking with your aids in, considering using hearing aid clips. These ensure your aids won’t disconnect and tumble away. Another thing to keep in mind is the fit of your aids. Visit us at Sound Hearing Group to make sure your hearing aids fit you snugly and securely – this prevents them from slipping out.

Always store your hearing aids in a safe, dry location. Following a routine with your aids is an excellent way to keep track of where they are.


Do you have questions about hearing aid care and maintenance? Give us a call today at Sound Hearing Group. We’re here to help!