Improve your Safety with Hearing Aids

hearing aids and safety

Improve your Safety with Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are designed to help you hear. With advanced features that amplify sounds in a natural way, they improve your overall quality of life, make conversations easy, and are changing everything you thought you knew about hearing. But hearing aids do far more than that. A global study by EuroTrak in 2015 looked at hearing aids and everyday safety. They found that hearing aids improve safety, balance, and security. In fact, hearing aid wearers reported feeling much safer when wearing hearing aids.  

Safety in the Neighborhood

Safety when you’re about and about is very important. Driving, for example, can be very unsafe for everyone if the driver is not paying attention. If you drive with untreated hearing loss, no matter how alert you are you will be missing something. Hearing warning sounds like horns or sirens will keep you safe, and picking up on where sounds are coming from means you will know how to react. Without your hearing aids, it can be very difficult to figure out where the sounds are coming from. Hearing aids will help you notice the car speeding up behind you, hear the garbage truck around the next corner, or recognize that small jingle in the background as a cyclist turning left.

Even when walking or biking, wearing hearing aids can save your life. You can hear where cars are, and will be prepared for the unexpected. You can hear the bike bell on the path behind you, or the kids shouting at you when their ball is heading straight for your knee. Wearing hearing aids will keep both you and others safe.

Safety at Home

At home, you’re constantly surrounded by subtle, important sounds. The oven timer, the smoke alarm, the phone, the doorbell or even a trespasser are all soft sounds that are easy to miss, especially if you have the TV on full volume. Living with untreated hearing loss means you’ll be missing out on these important sounds, and that can be dangerous. If you miss the alarm and forget about the cookies in the oven for a few minutes, all you have is burnt cookies. If you forget about them all together, there’s a huge risk of fire. Without hearing aids, you won’t hear the fire alarm when you’re napping, and this could cost you your home or even your life. If there is an emergency, your hearing needs to be good enough that you can pick up the phone and call for help. Not being able to hear what’s said over the phone isn’t just about struggling to hear your daughter talk about the grandkids. If you can’t hear what’s being said to you over the phone, your safety is at risk.

It’s a Balancing Act

Living with untreated hearing loss puts you at a much higher risk of falls, accidents and hospitalizations. Hearing aids actually improve your balance, making you more stable on your feet. The cells that keep you steady are in your inner ear, so when these cells (and your hearing) are damaged, you lose your stability. Hearing aids will fix this! Losing your balance or falling is a huge safety risk, especially for seniors. When your ligaments and bones are older, a fall can set you back, and put you out of commission for weeks at a time. A fall can immobilize you, cause permanent damage, and take away your freedom. Studies show that without hearing aids, you’re 3 times more likely to fall. It’s not worth the risk!

Living with untreated hearing loss isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s a huge safety hazard! Come see us at Sound Hearing Group today to get fitted for hearing aids in Sun City and protect yourself. Hearing aids will give you back your independence and peace of mind, all while keeping you safe.